Thursday, June 21, 2012

Homesick Ramblings

After a month and a half away from Bethesda, we are finally settling back in to a routine here. 
I know one thing is for sure, I was NOT ready to come back. Between beautiful Hawaii and all the fun we had there, and North Carolina and the much needed family time, it feels awfully lonely here, and I'm awfully homesick. 

So much has happened since my last blog that its hard to know where to start. 

Hawaii was so much fun, and its hard to believe that we may never get to go back. We don't just have friends there, they are our family. Garrett has been with those guys almost everyday for the past three and half years and to think that we may never see some of them again breaks my heart. 

We had some pretty amazing experiences during our time there last month. Since February, Garrett has been saying that it was his goal to be able to see his guys get off the plane, and weather or not that meant he was in his chair or standing up, he was going to be there. Well, I got to watch him accomplish that goal. It was every bit as emotional as I thought it would be. Garrett had an opportunity to participate in a battle streamer rededication ceremony, as well. It was the first time that all three battalions from Third Marine Regiment have all been together in quite some time. The guys of India Company put together a "moto" run in Garrett's honor on one of the last days we were in Hawaii. They ran 46 miles relay style to represent the 46 miles from the position Garrett was in charge of to the spot were he got injured. His lieutenant (Luke Forelle) ran all 46 miles, winning a ton of brownie points in my book. Garrett has always spoke very highly of him, and I can understand why. A picture of the run has actually been spreading like wild fire, and got voted "Corps Top Shot." Here is the link to the picture

We did get a chance to relax in Hawaii...which is exactly what the doctor ordered. We didn't have to be any where at any certain time and we had no one to report to. It was nice to sleep in and just do what we wanted when we felt like it. We haven't had any time or opportunity to do that in the four years we have been together, so we soaked it up and enjoyed every minute. 
Last week, I finally got an answer to something I have been praying for since the moment I feel in love with my husband. While we were home we got a chance to go through some of the mail that different people have been sending in since February. One of the pieces of mail had a pamphlet in it from a man who had been injured in Vietnam. He told his story about growing up rebelling against God, tragically loosing his legs to a landmine, and finding his way back to God. Well to make a long story short, Garrett has dedicated his life to God and he got baptized last Saturday. My heart is overwhelmed with joy. I have said from the beginning that I could feel God's plan in this disaster somewhere, and I can't wait to see what kinds of things He is going to do in my husbands life.  

The blogging will pick up now that we are back from vacation. I've challenged myself to at least write one a week, even if I don't post them. I feel some sort of peace just by posting my pointless ramblings. I've got too much to say, too many emotions, too many dreams, and too many nightmares to keep everything to myself any more. 

But for now...I've got nothing else.